Watch from SB’21: Giving Sustainability the Storytelling it Deserves

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Missed us at SB’21? Watch the mainstage session “Giving Sustainability the Storytelling it Deserves,” presented by SB Brands for Good VP, Etienne White.

Using insights derived from the SB Ad Sustainability Awareness Platform (ASAP) as well as from conversations with renowned brand and creative leaders, this presentation shares the top ten tips to communicating sustainability in brand films:

  1. Don’t fall in love with the problem: Environmental ads that speak to solutions perform better than ads that dwell on the problem.
  2. Ads with an environmental focus are easier for consumers to understand (outperforming those with a social focus).
  3. Don’t make it all about you: Ads that are about company progress and encourage consumer action perform better.
  4. Beware of green hush: Doing something amazing and then not talking about it or rewarding consumers for supporting it. Consumers value progress over perfection.
  5. Move from “advocacy to action.” Ads with a call to action outperform ads without one.
  6. Tell and sell: Don’t be afraid to sell your product at the same time you are telling your sustainability stories.
  7. Invest the time to get the brief right. What is the outcome you are trying to drive?
  8. Treat messaging for societal challenges differently from environmental ones.
  9. Don’t run into places you don’t belong. What can your brand uniquely offer?
  10. Build credibility so you can meet the moment.

Watch the full session here:

The insights in this presentation are pulled from the Films for Good edition of the SB Excellence in Execution playbook series. Please visit the webpage for more information on how to access these informative playbooks.