The Pull Factor Workshop

A New Way to Build Brands

Brands have a proven power to inspire, influence, and shape the behavior of their customers. What if, instead of pushing sustainability onto consumers, we harnessed brand influence to ‘pull’ them toward sustainable behaviors by engaging their values? The Pull Factor workshop, created using insights from our Pull Factor research, does exactly this. You’ll bring together cross-functional teams from across your business and agency partners, to embed sustainability as a competitive advantage, improve your brand’s authentic messaging, connect more deeply with your consumers, and drive behavior change at scale.

Take a Deep Dive into the Framework During a Half-day Workshop Designed to Unlock Bold Ideas

The Pull Factor workshop inspires cross-functional teams from marketing, sustainability, innovation, and business strategy to unlock bold ideas while grounding teammates in the core equities of your brand. 

You will leave the workshop with knowledge, tools, and a clear path toward:

  1.  Creating compelling marketing campaigns that resonate with your consumers
  2.  Increasing brand relevance, engagement and brand perception
  3.  Shifting culture towards sustainable living

It’s our most popular workshop for good reason:

“The Pull Factor workshop can enable brands to make sustainable lifestyles more aspirational by helping them to unite brand equity, consumer needs, and the most material behaviors the world needs.”
Virginie Helias
Chief Sustainability Office, Procter & Gamble
“My team used the Pull Factor framework to kickstart an innovation workshop, which resulted in meaningful new ideas that span across our portfolio of brands. We are excited to get these ideas into the market – bringing value to our customers and making great choices for the environment. Thank you, Brands for Good!”
Yumi Clevenger-Lee
Chief Marketing Officer, Nestlé Waters

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