Innovation Framework

Brands for Good offers a proprietary suite of workshops, guidebooks, research, trackers, and more- over $1 Million of innovative tools- available exclusively to partners.

Lifestyle Transformation Roadmap

A Lifestyle Transformation Roadmap, and self assessment, that inspires and empowers consumers and employees to deliver on the 9 key consumer behavior changes. A platform to track, celebrate and share progress toward adopting a more sustainable lifestyle, while also providing organizations with unparalleled analytics about the environmental, social and business value of their contributions.

Excellence in Execution

Quarterly guides to creating breakthrough creative work across a range of marketing areas, complete with: Agency Brief Checklist, list of Best Practices and a Library of Inspirational examples that drive action on the 9 most impactful behaviors.

Socio-Cultural Trends Tracker

A large scale annual research tracker, augmented with quarterly pulses designed to assess consumer attitudes to and around sustainability. We measure how well we are closing the intention-action gap at a general population and brand specific level.

Ad Sustainability Awareness Platform

Using proprietary metrics, a robust, credible and cutting-edge measurement of marketing and advertising effectiveness for work that successfully engages consumers in the 9 critical behaviors.

Pull Factor Project Workshop

An actionable toolkit for marketers and brand leaders to better understand the dynamics of desire and human behavior change, so you can design communications that increase brand relevance, grow market share, and drive a culture shift towards sustainable living.

Earned Media and Content

Showcasing and amplifying Brands for Good brands that are making sustainable lifestyles more attainable, and leveraging the collective power of brand marketing to make sustainable practices mainstream. This includes key events, influencers, content creators, and high profile media moments to highlight the progress of the movement and the success of the campaigns.

Brands for Good CMO Advisory Council

A convening place for leading CMOs to be in peer conversations, including quarterly meetings each year with bespoke content, outside speakers, and facilitated conversations around key trends and themes in the marketing industry.