The Nine Sustainable Behaviors

Our innovative research revealed the nine most impactful behaviours consumers can change.​

Reverse / Stop / Mitigate Climate Change

Preserve Resources for Life

Foster Resilient Societies


Eat More Plants

Moderate meat consumption and consume products that support regenerative agriculture.


Reduce Water & Food Waste

Plan ahead, use what you need, make the most of what you have. Compost what you can.


Support Women & Girls

Support causes and products that educate girls, aid better family planning and support women-owned businesses.


Go Renewable

Switch to renewable energy sources at home, ride public transportation, and purchase products using renewable energy.

Go Circular

Choose products made with recycled content and recycle, rent, share and buy used over new products whenever possible.


Expand Equity & Opportunity

Buy fair trade as well as brands supporting inclusive and equitable products, policies and causes.


Go Durable

Buy better, buy less. Reduce single-use items and purchase durable, reusable products instead of disposable ones.

Go Simple

Buy products with simple, clean ingredients that are healthier for you and protect habitats and biodiversity.


Show Up

Vote at the ballot box and with your wallet, make your voice heard and volunteer in your community.