Socio-Cultural Trends

Understand consumer intentions and actions towards sustainable lifestyles.

Brands for Good is on a mission to make sustainable living easier and more rewarding for people around the world. To further that objective, Brands for Good Partners collaborated together to better understand consumer intentions towards sustainable lifestyles, and which actions they are taking to make sustainability a reality.

We surveyed thousands of American consumers to measure their intentions towards adopting sustainable lifestyles, determine which actions they are taking across the Nine Most Impactful Sustainable Behaviors, and understand the areas where consumers aspire to do more. Importantly, we’ve also contextualized this data in the value consumers place on both environmental and societal aspects of sustainable living.

The large-scale Socio-Cultural Trend Tracker research began in September of 2020, which revealed critical implications for any brand, regardless of whether they seek to directly engage with their consumers on these issues or not. One of the most significant findings from this initial report: Over 95% of those surveyed said they try to live sustainable lifestyles at least some of the time. Even among those who are not intending to live sustainably, many say they are taking actions that benefit the planet, its people and its resources through behaviors like Reducing Water & Food Waste or Eating More Plants.

Since then, two additional pulse surveys have been conducted to take a deeper dive on how the public has been keeping up with their sustainable behaviors and what role brands have in creating solutions for consumers to live more sustainably.   

It’s clear that consumers view sustainability as part of their daily lives, and they are looking to the brands they trust to be allies in this mission. To the extent they can help make sustainability the “default” for their consumers, brands will succeed not just in reaching their own sustainability goals, but in fundamentally strengthening the relationship with their customers.

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