The SB Brands for Good Initiative

Our Mission and Vision

Today’s brands are realizing that yesterday’s best practices are no longer an assurance of success. They recognize that addressing and innovating around the urgent social and environmental challenges facing a growing population on a finite planet is key to securing customer loyalty, talent and growth for the future. 

As a global movement, Sustainable Brands’ Brands for Good initiative aims to harness the power of our collective brand influence to make sustainable living accessible, inspirational and rewarding, working with consumers to drive behavior change at scale.

The SB Brands for Good Partners, consisting of top global brands, have joined together to create an ‘Innovation Framework’ of proprietary tools, research, workshops, and thought leadership to accelerate brands’ progress towards making sustainable lifestyles more desirable.

Our Ambitions

To be a force for growth and a force for good, all Brands for Good Partners commit to:

Embed environmental and social purpose into the heart of our brand promise, our products and experiences

Use our marketing, communications and brand influence to make sustainable living accessible, aspirational and rewarding

Work together to transform the field of marketing to shift behaviors and drive positive impact for people, communities and the planet we share