About #BrandsForGood

#BrandsForGood uses the voices of our brands and companies to demonstrate and encourage sustainable behavior. Depending on sources, research says that somewhere between 65% and 95% of people today wish to live a more sustainable life, and to purchase products that support a more sustainable future.

Our challenge is to close the intent to action gap.Our mission is to demonstrate the power of brands to reshape culture so that sustainable living is seen as the Good Life of tomorrow.

Phase One

#BrandsForGood is unfolding in two phases. Phase One is already underway thanks to the generous support and participation of some of SB’s leading Corporate Members, including our Design and Participating Partners.

One of the first efforts will be to develop a comprehensive study on how to create desire and demand. It will then lead to a playbook and measurement system. First, through original and synthesized research, we will surface insights on the dynamics of human desire and strategies for closing the intent to action gap. With these insights, we will create an actionable, Open Source Toolkit for marketers and brand leaders to design communications that drive business growth.

Initial research findings were presented at a Sustainable Brands CMO Summit, hosted by L’Oreal and SAP in New York City, December 2018, with the full toolkit expected to launch at Sustainable Brands ’19 in Detroit, June 4-7, 2019.

Design Partners

  • Happy Family Organics
  • The Estée Lauder Companies
  • Keurig Dr Pepper
  • National Geographic
  • Procter & Gamble

Participating Partners

  • Heineken USA
  • Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc
  • Target

Phase Two

Phase Two will bring together the brand community at large to join the journey to become a more sustainable brand and to use their power to shift societal aspiration toward more sustainable living.

This coalition will launch as a headlining initiative on stage June 4th in Detroit, Michigan at Sustainable Brands ’19, the global gathering of 3,000 sustainability and brand marketers from around the world.

Learn more about Phase Two and how to participate.

Phase Two Deliverables

Deliverables will depend on funding levels reached, but are envisioned to include:

Media Campaign

A media campaign to draw attention to the work along with global communications support.

Ad & Content Gallery

An Ad and Content Gallery celebrating partner creative and content and news about partner activities.

Access to Tools & Resources

Access to the SB Brand Transformation Roadmap and peer learning Corporate Member Network.

Methodology for Measuring Impact

A methodology for measuring impact in advertising against a variety of sustainable living behavioral ambitions.

Academic Research

Academic research to identify correlation between maturing along the Brand Transformation Roadmap and brand value.